Things I’ve Learned About Writing (So Far)

Having published an actual book (some might argue that an e-book doesn’t count, but I disagree; the writing process is the same), I have learned a couple of things, some of which will help me on the next project:

  • Writing is hard.
  • Writing is rewarding.
  • I understand better why some writers give up.
  • I also understand why some artists go insane.
  • I now know why many writers seem like happy people; creativity is fun.
  • The habit of writing every single day is… well, it’s an important goal to strive for (for me).
  • If you say, out loud, “I don’t think I want to write a sequel to the book I just published,” it increases greatly the chances that you will come up with a great idea for said sequel; it may even distract you from the three short stories you’re currently writing.

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