Pleasant Surprises

The holiday season has brought with it some fortuitous surprises.

First, one of my screenplays placed in the “Table Read My Screenplay” competition as “Best Sci-Fi Screenplay.” I still don’t know quite what to make of that, since of the two screenplays I submitted (to four different contests), this screenplay received the most…critical, shall we say, responses in the coverage. Be that as it may, it not only placed, but that got someone’s attention — and now I have a shopping agreement (which means that an independent producer is packaging the script and shopping it around). It’s exciting.

Second, my wonderful wife, who is supportive of my writing efforts despite the fact that it’s occasionally time-consuming, got me an awesome Christmas gift: I get to spend three nights in a hotel, by myself, to do nothing but write. It’s a “Writer’s Retreat,” and I get to do it at the next school break (in February). My hope is to have as much outlining and story mapping done as possible so that I can be productive during that time. It’s not a gift to be squandered.

So, things are good.

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