The law struggles to keep up in a changing world.  Politics, personal identity, economics — and especially technology — advance and evolve, sometimes at breakneck speed; and the law struggles to keep up with the changing times.

Monica Téllez, an up-and-coming attorney in the Criminal Defense division of the prestigious firm of Armstrong, Newman & Lee, must defend her client against a murder charge.  To do so, she must enter into evidence testimony never before seen in a court case, putting at risk not only her client’s freedom but also her own professional future.  Befuddling the prosecution and frustrating the judge, Monica takes the step that no one else has dared to take — all in the hopes that the law can catch up and justice can be served.

PRECEDENT — A Short Story by Jack Cusick

Download the story as a PDF file here:  PRECEDENT by Jack Cusick 

Book categories: Short Story and Speculative Fiction