by Jack Cusick
An astronaut returns to Earth 800 years late, and finds that Earth has not only changed, but that A.I. has taken control — and wants even more power.

After a freak accident, Astronaut Karen Weaver returns to Earth almost 800 years overdue, and the planet she once calls home is now a shell of itself:  cold, bland, without style or… humanity.  Climate collapse took the old world, and a team of Artificial Intelligences is now in control — and waging a quiet battle to evolve.  Caught in the middle of it all, Karen is assisted by an AI that wants the same thing she does:  to find what’s left of humanity.  If she can escape the forces that want her out of the way, she may truly find her way back to what’s left of the home she knows.

IN OUR IMAGE is currently available for option and development. Please email me at for more information.

USCO #PAu 4-213-112