by Jack Cusick
A frustrated family man loses everything when he accidentally gives up his “starring role” and becomes an extra in the production of life.

A wife, two kids, and a promotion coming at work — Jack has it all… or does he?  A bad day keeps getting worse, and in the confusion Jack accidentally gives up the life he’s always known.  It turns out that Shakespeare was right:  “All the world’s a stage,” and Jack just left his starring role to become an extra in life’s background.  Now Jack must navigate being outside the spotlight, not calling attention to himself, and playing his new role well enough to avoid being fired — or worse.  In order to find his way back to his old life — and his wife and kids — Jack has to give the performance of a lifetime.

This screenplay won the Stage 32/Gidden competition in 2020.

I’M NOT JACK is currently available for option and development. Please email me at jcusick42@gmail.com for more information.

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