Who I am is really all about context.

To my wife, I’m the guy who cracks bad jokes, snores,
and enjoys a wonderful marriage full of happiness and fun.

To my adult children, I’m a source of advice and guidance, the basis for their understanding of 80s culture, and, at times, a savings and loan.

And to the teachers and students at my day job, I’m that bald guy who yells at people.

But I’m trying to be a lot more than that.


In my efforts to become a writer, I’ve been studying story structure, character development, and the format of both novels and screenplays. I love to read, and I wish I’d done more of it earlier in life. Movies and television have been a staple of my existence since early childhood, which is probably why I set out to write movies in the beginning.

I’ve successfully self-published my first novel. It was two and a half years in the making, and it was not the first, second, or even third project I had in mind when I sat down to write. (Projects one, two, and three are all in various states of existence, none of them ready for the world.) And with each day I come up with ideas; some that develop current projects I’m working on, some are just sparks that will eventually become stories of their own. Both from experience and from the insight of other writers I’ve learned that’s how it works.

For now, my plan is to keep writing each day (sometimes a lot, sometimes a little, and sometimes only in my head) and put my projects out into the world as they’re ready. Over time, and with a little luck, I hope to be able to quietly excuse myself from my day job and write full time. Whether it’s novels or screenplays (or both), my goal isn’t necessarily fame and fortune, but steadily producing a body of work that people enjoy.

Thanks for visiting my website.

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